Cycling enthusiasts who like to stay connected on their smartphone whilst out and about on their bike now have a practical solution to the problem of using a touchscreen mobile device whilst wearing gloves.

For any serious cyclist, cycling gloves are a must have accessory, as they offer protection from the elements as well as protecting your hands in the event of a fall. Unfortunately, most traditional cycling gloves have an inherrant limitation - they do not work with a capacitive touchscreen, such as those found on most popular smartphones. These new eGloves offer an innovative solution to this problem, with conductive material in the forefinger and thumb enabling the wearer to use their mobile without removing their gloves. They are a high performance and high tech glove, as we have come to expect from eGlove, made from only premium quality materials. Being wind proof and waterproof, as well as offering a barrier to the cold, these cycling gloves are perfect for anyone who cycles during the winter - whether it is just the daily commute to work, or an adrenaline packed off road adventure!

Although they work with any capacitive touch screen device like many other touchscreen gloves on the market, these eGloves offer some unique features specially designed for cyclists, that set them apart from the competition. The fabric is reinforced so they are hard wearing and will cope with regular daily use, and the unique gel palms make riding across tough rugged terrain (like those far from smooth roads that many people face at this time of year!) more comfortable. Furthermore, the active moisture management technology ensures that they breath out moisture so sweat is kept at bay when you need to work that little bit harder.