TouchAbility are happy to announce our latest innovation - TouchAbility 10 Finger Touchscreen gloves, which are a brand new product making all 10 of your fingers functional, so you can use any touch screen device without losing any touch-ability!

TouchAbility 10 Finger Touchscreen gloves have real silver thread incorporated into all five fingers of both hands. Because silver is a good electrical conductor, this allows the electrical impulses from the wearers finger tips to be transmitted through the gloves, and detected by the touch screen. With a unique design, the metallic thread is barely visible, unlike many other types of touchscreen glove that have obvious coloured sections on the tips of one or two fingers. Therefore, TouchAbility gloves are very stylish, looking much more like a normal pair of gloves, and you are able to use any finger you choose to interact with your touchscreen gadget. This means that you are able to use the full range of multi-touch gestures that are recognised by many of the current generation smartphones and tablet PC’s, without removing your gloves!

They are made of a soft and stretchy material for superior comfort and warmth, and work with all capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPhone, iPad, HTC, LG and Samsung smartphones and tablets. They are available exclusively here at the TouchAbility online store for just £12.99, and come in 2 colours – grey and charcoal, and 2 sizes – medium and large. TouchAblity 10 finger touchscreen gloves would make an ideal and imaginative Christmas gift for anyone who cannot live without their touch screen devices!