Some of our most popular styles of glove in recent years have been the so-called “full touch” gloves, the best of which feature tiny strands of silver thread sewn throughout the entire gloves. Sadly, some of these popular items have been discontinued by the manufacturer, leaving a hole in the market for high quality full touch gloves. Thankfully however, TouchAbility have stepped in to fill the void, launching a brand new range of full touch gloves made with 100 percent genuine silver thread.

The gloves themselves come in a stylish all black colour, with the distinctive metallic thread visible over the entirety of both hands. As silver is the most conductive of all metals currently known, this ensures that all touchscreen devices can be operated with the utmost ease whilst wearing the gloves, with a high level of precision and accuracy. Being light and super stretchy ensures that they are a comfortable fit for most people’s hands, with 2 sizes available to cater for both men and women. They also offer a high degree warmth despite being lightweight and breathable, and are exceptionally comfortable thanks to the soft acrylic material. At just £14.99, these represent a great value option to anyone looking for a stylish and contemporary pair of gloves, either as a gift or for daily personal use.