Choosing the correct size of touchscreen glove is very important, as in order for the electrical impulses to be transmitted from your finger to the touch screen, your skin must be in contact with the right part of the glove. Each manufacturer has their own unique sizing system, so obviously exact dimensions can vary depending on the style of glove. However, the guide below should be used as a reference to help you choose the appropriate size for each type of glove.

Climate Gloves:

All of the Climate touchscreen gloves are made of a stretchy material that will stretch to comfortably fit any hand. Therefore, they only come in two sizes - medium and large. For ladies, the medium size will effectively be a one size fits all. For men, the size medium is suitable for most adults, but for those with larger hands the size large is recommended.

As a rough guide, if you open your hand as wide as you can, then measure the maximum distance from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your little finger to get an indication of your hand span. If this is 21cm or over, then you need the large, otherwise the medium will be fine. If you do not have a ruler to hand, just place your hand face down on an A4 piece of paper, with the tip of your thumb against one of the long edges. If your outstretched little finger meets or crosses the opposite edge, then the large size would be most suitable.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves:

The SmarTouch range are available in mens and ladies sizes. As they are made of a soft and comfortable material that will easily stretch, the mens size are designed to be a one size fits all for men, and the ladies size should fit all women.

eGlove Ski Gloves:

Available in small, medium and large.

eGlove Sport Gloves:

The black F3 Sport gloves are available in small, medium and large, and the Pink Sport gloves are available in extra small, small and medium.