We are pleased to introduce a brand new range of touchscreen gloves to you for 2013! With a couple of months of cold weather still ahead, and the big freeze tightening its grip on much of the UK, now is the perfect time to invest in a pair of our soft leather touchscreen friendly gloves. These stylishly designed gloves are black in colour and made from genuine leather material.

The gloves are soft and comfortable to wear, with a stretchy elasticated cuff area which is designed to trap the heat and maintain your hands temperature at times. The conductive material of the gloves is embedded in all fingertips of both hands which makes all 10 of your fingers usable with any touchscreen display. In addition, the special material is black in colour which blends perfectly with the black leather and ensures a nice and consistent look.

The soft leather gloves provide accurate performance so you can stay in control of your touch screen devices without removing your gloves.

The price for the genuine leather gloves is only £17.99 and the sizes available are medium, large and extra large.