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Touchscreen Gloves

With all the new touch screen gadgets that have recently come to the market, one of the questions that came around was how to use the touch screen when it is cold. Touch screens react to the electrical conductivity of your fingers, and if you need to keep those fingers warm, using your gadget can become quite difficult, especially in colder climates. One of the newest inventions that can help solve this problem is touch screen gloves.

Purpose of Touch Screen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves are designed to make the screen of your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or other touch screen device more responsive. The gloves can also help protect your screen from the dirt that is on your hands. The gloves have a conductive material in the fingertips, which improves the connection between your fingers and the screen. The oils and other dirt on your hands can cause your touch screen to become very dirty. Screens that are not clean are not only more difficult to see, they are also harder to use as the dirt can affect the sensitivity levels of the screen. It is therefore also beneficial to use a screen protector to help keep the screen in perfect condition, as touchscreen gloves can function just as well even through this protective barrier.

Types of Touch Screen Gloves

There are many types of touchscreen gloves available, each style offering unique benefits and features. A few of the main types are detailed below:

Knitted GlovesRunning GlovesSki GlovesLeather GlovesGeneral Gloves

Knitted touchscreen gloves are just like regular knitted gloves, but they have conductive thread sewn into one ore more fingers. Look for gloves with this conductive thread sewn into all 10 fingers for maximum flexibility.

Sports / running touchscreen gloves are thin, lightweight, and made of a breathable material, allowing for maximum comfort whilst exercising, but still protecting your hands from the cold.Ski or snowboard touchscreen gloves work by having a flap at the end of the fingers, with an inner sleeve, through which the wearer can expose a finger or thumb but still be kept warm. The inner sleeve features special conductive material that works with touch screens.Leather has many properties that make it ideally suited to gloves. It is highly durable and flexible, whilst also being comfortable to wear. Touchscreen gloves are available that feature a genuine leather upper and soft fleece lining combined with spandex for stretch and comfort.If you don't need a specialist glove for a particular use, and don't really have any preference about the design, there are many other touchscreen gloves available that offer a high level of functionality, with many different styles and colours available.

Cost of Touch Screen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves vary considerably in price, and as with most things, you get what you pay for. Some of the lower quality gloves cost as little as five pounds, but will be very basic and not provide a high level of responsiveness. However, higher quality gloves will cost around £15 - £20 but be considerably more effective. When purchasing a pair of touch screen gloves, consider the quality and the price. Typically, a pair of gloves that costs around £20 should meet most people’s needs, giving you a good price for a very high quality pair of touch screen gloves. For more specialist use however, touchscreen ski gloves are available that cost in excess of £50, but when you consider that you could pay around that much for a normal pair of ski gloves, this offers great value.

Where to Purchase

There are shops that sell these touch screen gloves, which you can find if you look hard enough; however, most of the time it is going to be much cheaper to buy a pair online. The reason for this is that online stores do not have the mark ups of overhead to consider when pricing their merchandise. An online store can usually purchase the gloves in bulk for much less and then will pass the savings on to their consumers, offering great value. Even after paying for the shipping costs, you will typically save a considerable amount of money.

Life Span of the Gloves

The life span of touch screen gloves can be up to five years with ‘normal’ use. If you take great care of the gloves, they can last even longer. It is advisable only to use the gloves for your touch screen device and for nothing else. The reason for this is that using the gloves for other things they were not designed for can result in them getting dirty or even damaged.

For individuals that use their touch screen devices regularly whilst on the move (and who doesn’t these days?), touchscreen gloves (or “iPhone gloves”) are almost becoming a necessity. These gloves will help keep your hands nice and warm whilst you continue using your device outside in colder weather.