We are delighted to be able to bring you the eco-friendly range of smartphone compatible mittens by ISGLOVES! These are a brand new type of touch screen glove designed to help people who love wearing mittens to use their phones and other gadgets in freezing weather, without having to completely expose their fingers to the cold. The idea for ISGLOVES came about when a group of exchange students travelled to Sweden, and experienced difficulty operating their iPhones in the harsh winter they experienced. After months of research and development, these unique mittens were launched, offering an innovative and award winning solution to the problem. They are ecologically manufactured from natural organic bamboo and recycled polyester, and consist of an inner glove surrounded by an outer mitten that folds back when needed.The inner glove is made of bamboo mixed with a special conductive material in all 10 fingers. The outer mitten is both windproof and waterproof, making it ideal for active people to use in all weather conditions.

Mittens offer several advantages over regular gloves, the most important of which being the added warmth. Because each finger is not exposed directly to the cold, there is less surface area for heat to escape from, locking in the natural heat produced by your hands. You also get the added benefit of a double layer of insulation, as the inner gloves provide a basic level of protection from the cold, while the outer layer offers an additional polar fleece lined shell to maximise warmth.