After experiencing plenty of wet and windy summer weather in the UK this year, the Winter and Christmas season is approaching fast, and we can already feel the chill approaching! It therefore seems like now is the right time to start to prepare ways to protect your precious hands through the coming tough winter.

This year, we are delighted to introduce Agloves touchscreen gloves to you. Agloves are a popular brand from the USA, and all their gloves are designed to combine stylish looks with high quality materials. Agloves can help you keep all 10 fingers of both hands active when using your touch screen devices, as the sliver thread knitted throughout the entire gloves can help provide a consistent and accurate flow of bioelectricity to any touchscreen gadget. They can keep your hands warm in the coldest weather, and feature a snug-fitting cuff design, which can seal the wind out, while the silver nylon traps heat in.

Available in 2 sizes, Agloves are on sale now for just £19.99.