Here at, we are passionate about the latest technology, and can't live without our touchscreen mobiles, GPS units and other devices with touch screens. However, what we are not so fond of is having to take off our gloves whenever we want to make a call or send a text in cold weather (the capacitive touchscreens on many modern mobile devices make it virtually impossible to use them whilst wearing a normal pair of gloves, as they depend on a physical connection being made between the screen and one of your fingers). Of course, you could always wear fingerless gloves, but then your fingertips are going to freeze!

Back in the autumn of 2010, as the days started getting colder, and it became evident that we were in for a bitterly cold winter, we started searching for a solution to this issue. After countless hours of investigation, we have found a unique solution to this problem - specially manufactured pairs of gloves, that feature unique electro conductive fibres in the tips of the fingers, to enable the wearer to keep the gloves on whilst using devices with touch screens! Stylish yet functional, these revolutionary gadgets are one of the hottest new products around, and are set to become an essential winter accessory for anyone with an iPhone, iPod, or any other mobile device with a touch screen. We test all our products to ensure that they work to a minimum standard on modern smartphones and tablets from all the leading manufacturers.

All orders of items in stock will be dispatched via Royal Mail the next working day (Monday - Friday), and often much sooner! Postage and packing is free for all orders for delivery to the UK using our standard service, and we also offer international worldwide delivery and an express nexty day delivery service for a small additional charge (calculated at checkout based on the total weight of your order).